“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.”

 – Roman Payne

Who made you feel good this week? What did they say?

Goooood Morning and Happpppy Tuesday!!!

So many people made me feel good, no Grrrreat this week! My son ALWAYS does! Daevohn is my shining light when my heart feels dark and empty. He fills my soul up with gentle reminders of how much he values me, trust me, loves me and has faith in me.

My momma! My mother is always encouraging me, loving me and supporting me. When I’ve been feeling lost, confused and very hurt; I send her a text and get it out of my system and she always has a quote or words of encouragement waiting for me.

Amanda; my sister-in law! She has been through this relationship issues with me the most. She knows the very most about what i was put through. She never liked that I would stay but she didn’t “condemn” me for staying either. She encourages me and reminds how blessed and loved I am. She tells me how wonderful I am at being a mommy and lets me know it’s okay to feel hurt but to keep going!

Abby; my other sister-in law! She sings crazy break up songs that are “empowering” and she even raps… LOL.. She is a very real, honest and straight-forward compassionate person! I love how much  she loves my son and I and really cares about us.

My GBFF-Joshy…; He is so raw and uncut and doesn’t show weak emotions. He tells me things straight up and doesn’t sugar coat any of it. He see’s and understands my pain but he also knows how strong I am and reminds me, “you’ve been through this before and you will pull through!”. I love that he is my best friend!

Ms Dottie; Miss Dottie was my “work momma”. I still talk to her everyday. She is “gangsta”, lol.. she loves me so much and we have this crazy bond that can never be broken. She cries with me, laughs with me, prays with me and loves me. No matter what I go through, she is always here for me with sympathy and a little gangsta momma advice!

Ms Anita; I work with her now. She is a older wise woman. She has been through what I am going through. She asks me every morning at work, “How are you doing today with things?” I give her an honest answer and sometimes she pulls me to the side and reminds me of things to help make it through the days.

That’s 7 people!!! One for each day of the week 🙂 There are several more people that have been there for and helped me. Lent their ear to me and shoulders to cry on. This entry has really helped me see that when I feel alone at times, I am never really alone. I have so many wonderful people that really do love me and want to see me happy and want to see me be the best I can be. They LOVE ME JUST THE WAY I AM!!!!

Make It A Blessed Day!


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