What can my voices of ‘not enough’ teach me as I spend time listening to them?

“You are enough, just as you are. Each emotion you feel, everything you do in your life, everything you do or do not do… where you are and who you are right now is enough. It is perfect. You are perfect enough. MELANIE JADE

All of the ways I feel like I am not “enough”:

  1. skinny enough
  2. pretty enough
  3. good enough to love
  4. smart enough
  5. funny enough
  6. fun enough
  7. good mommy

I am Enough!

I am not skinny but I am healthy

I am not ugly; I am actually very beautiful

My eyes, my lips, nose nose, my hair, my hands, my legs, my hips and butt; all all perfectly made and I am ENOUGH to see that and feel that and “say dat doe”!

I am good enough to love; love myself, my son loves me unconditionally, my family loves me my friends love me. Love isn’t measured by the person you “want” a relationship, it is measured on how much you love your self first!

I am smart! I’m very very very smart! Almost what society would say “nerd status”! I graduated college 3 times in the medical field and in just 3 years at IU Health- I received 3 promotions and not I am in Corporate.

I am funny but more of “goofy”. I am clumsy, ditsy, laugh at my own self, tell jokes messed up…

I am fun enough! I love to do outgoing things and have adventures. I love being outside, I love laser-tag, go carts, golf carts, get together s, going on road trips, far away trips, getting dirty, sweating, hiking.. the list goes on and on!

I am a great mommy! I make sure my son has food, clothes, a home, goes to school. I make sure he knows and feels loved. We have “dates”, we have serious talks and we have fun talks, we talk about music, sports and toys. He plays sports and I make sure he has everything he needs for them. I encourage him, I let him know how great he is and to always do things with confidence.

Today; I am telling all the things and people that have made me feel- “I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH”- you’re WRONG! I am Good Enough! I am able and capable of doing all things and I am sorry if you didn’t see my worth and value, that was and is your loss but for me and my well being, I refuse to believe or let you control how I feel about myself! Because I. Am. Good. Enough! I will no longer say, text, email or think AGAIN; that I am not “enough”! Because let me say it again; I. AM. Good. Enough!!!!!



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