“Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you.”

I am committed to this process and change! Everyday isn’t going to be easy but every moment of a day isn’t going to be difficult. 30 days… that’s it! I can and will come out a stronger, braver, self-loving woman!

It’s so easy to get “off-track”! It’s easy to let your struggles, finances, friends, family, social media, job and just life to take you away from something you said you were “committed” to do. Things come up and see “more important”. You put yourself on the back burner and wait till the next time to start new…

I’m known for putting myself last and everything and everyone before me. I felt like that was “love” and if I did that enough someone would appreciate and give it back to me, ya know- put ME first. I have to STOP putting things/people before myself and STOP waiting for someone else to do it for me. I AM solely responsible for my feelings, emotions, thoughts and self love. I should NEVER then nor now seek that in another human being, it should come from within me first!

It’s crazy because I can stay committed to anyone no matter what the commitment consist of. But when it comes to myself, I tend to “back-down, quit, or hesitate”… I am changing that! I deserve to be committed to myself above anyone else. I am important, I am good enough, I do deserve great things, I am worthy of self-love and I am committed to proving these things to myself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!!!

This is a link to a video that I saved on YouTube on 7/13/2016. I literally played this LOUD every single morning at 5 AM in my office before my day got started! I have this entire thing memorized and I am not kidding! When he gets loud in the video and you picture his face scrunching up with so much drama- I sit there and do the same things!

Do you believe in anything bad enough to fight for, sweat for it and work for it?

If you think Greatness goes on sale…. true quality NEVER goes on sale! GREATNESS Cost What It Cost!!!!

Until tomorrow…. Time. To. Go. Be. Great!!! =:)


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