What’s your intention?

My Greatest Intention is to Love Myself! I want to Love me for who I am, what I am, how I am. I want to love myself unconditionally. I want to be confident in myself no matter what it is. I want to always believe in myself and and have faith in myself.

“The first step to realizing our truest intentions is getting in the habit of thinking about it in the first place. When we put the light of intention on something, reality starts unfolding itself. By noticing what’s driving you, you can begin to take the wheel and steer towards what really matters.”

After going through yet another break up… I find myself lost and down and really doubting myself. I am taking this 30 day challenge with today being day 1 to learn to love, respect, honor and trust myself. After being told everyday that you’re a bitch, a hoe, a thot, stupid ass and dumb ass; it kinda gets to you. Even though deep down, you know that non of these things are true in fact, they are all furthest from the truth. But to dig yourself out of that deep dark place, sometimes takes baby steps. Today is day 1 of my first steps.

This relationship lasted 10 months. In 10 months I was cheated on 9 different times, hit in the forehead several times, “chest bumped” on many occasions, lied to, deceived, used, I paid $1,600 in cash for a jeep, bought his sons birthday gifts and treated like I was the scum of the earth.

I provided for this man. He didn’t want to work and couldn’t keep a job. He didn’t have a vehicle, so I bought him a jeep- which in-turn he used to cheat on me… He didn’t have money for food, clothes, bathroom supplies, nothing. I took him in as he was and loved him back to life. I loved him enough to get him on his feet and to help him.

He had a suspended license when I met him, which he hid and lied about. I end up paying almost $1,000 in court fees to keep him out of jail and to finally after 7 years be legal to drive.

My point is a couple things…

  1. Don’t let anyone treat you less than you know you deserve
  2. Never let anyone use you or take advantage of you
  3. Look at all the facts of the person before jumping head first eyes closed
  4. Money can’t buy LOVE
  5. No matter how good of a person you are or how BIG your heart is; there is always going to be someone out there who wont appreciate it- And that’s OKAY
  6. Don’t blame yourself for the choices others make- especially when you know in YOUR heart you tired the best you could and you loved as hard as you could!
  7. Most of all— LOVE YOURSELF through ALL of it! The Good, Bad and Ugly!

Day 1—- Challenge Excepted


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